Howard Email Notifier


Email notifications on your Windows task bar


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Most users have started to get used to receiving alerts on their smartphones whenever they receive an email.

Now, thanks to this small application, you can be notified of new emails while using your PC just like if you were receiving them on your phone.

Howard Email Notifier will display a tiny window along with audio notifications when you receive an email. It doesn't matter which email service you use; this app is compatible with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Zoho,, and

Configuring the application is very simple. Once installed, it will integrate into your task bar, and by right-clicking the icon you can access its options. Howard Email Notifier will show a window with the different tabs of the email providers it works with. You just have to go to the yours and mark 'Use for new emails' and then click 'Change current email'.

This notifier will open a tab in the browser to connect to your account, and then start syncing.

Howard Email Notifier checks for new emails every five minutes by default, but you can change this to whatever frequency you prefer. Then wash your hands forever of the bother of opening tabs for Gmail or Outlook every few minutes or keeping it open all the time on your browser.
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